Jakarta, Indonesia, June 2001

The above meeting was held at University of Indonesia (5-7 June 2001).

Waiting for the Opening Ceremony, Plenary Lecture (KY) on the antidiabetic constituents from Banaba (see below). Prof. Aimi (Chiba University also gave plenary lecture. The organizer: Prof. Soleh Kosela (University of Indonesia, incidentally his 60th Birthday).

Dr. Mochammad Sholichin, former student of Hiroshima University (1977) showed us around the UI campus. Symbol mark of the University. Japanese language course is becoming popular. These area was famous for rubber tree (Hevea braziliensis) plantation transplanted from Brazil.

We stayed at Bhumi Wiyata Hotel near UI, Depok, and there is a BANABA tree (Lagerstroemia speciosa) in a courtyard This is an original tree of my plenary lecture from which we isolated antidiabetic principles. We visited cosmetic company as symposium tour followed by local dance and show dinner at previous Hilai stadium. Also we saw local masks and tool for making Batik.

Sholichin & his wife took us to Bogor Botanic Garden. Tualang, Koompassia excelsa is the tallest tree in Asia with a maximum height of 85 metres when fully grown. The tree is supported by huge buttress roots. On the tall tree top, there are many big bats. Huge Pandanus tree is impressive. In the Botanic garden, there is a palace with deer. On our way to the Tea Plantation in Puncak area, we incidentally saw the last day festival of high school students. Since they need not their uniform forever, they painted on it as well as on their face to enjoy the last day.

On our way back to Japan, we stayed at half day in Singapore, where we visited Dr. Paul Heng Wan Sia (Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, National University of Singapore) at his laboratory. The pharmacy laboratory is well equipped, and the staffs are friendly, and we had enjoyed a dinner with Paul and his wife. At last, at the Singapore airport, we found a FREE-ACCESS SITE to internet (with AC line) with Lan card. It is the first experience for me.